About Us

Linder Cargo Logistic SAC

In Linder Cargo Logistic We focus mainly on quality. Our company was founded on 12 September 2005, from the beginning of its operations has been committed to offering our customers a fast, secure and personalized.

Our goal is to be an ally in the international business of our customers, so we can advise and assist in decision making to a purchase or sale abroad, for this we have representatives all over the world which give us an update on exports and imports.

Our competitive advantage is to keep the customer informed of all the status of your shipment until delivery of the same, which is why we have developed greatly the area of Customer Service, implementing internal operations, using total quality.


To offer our clients practical and effective solutions in logistics operations, facilitating the transfer of goods to and from anywhere in the world does, based on quality standards and systematizing information.


Consolidate in the international market as a logistics operator and be recognized for the excellent quality services offered in multimodal transport loads delivering our time with a fast response to any change.

Corporate Responsibility

Our company in recent years has improved the management of resources internally, which is why we carry some policies of environmental protection and community support.


  • Quality: In each of all work and projects we do.
  • Justice: To our staff, both in treatment and in the allocation of activities to be performed, depending on the capacity of each account.
  • Innovation: Continuing our strategies and our work plans.
  • Timeliness: Regarding the report and assignments are delivered in the shortest possible time.
  • Consistency: As we engage with our customers and we make it as work.
  • Communication: Constant and effective; among all members who are part our agency as well as with our customers and agents in destiny.
  • Trust: That will make our work in the best way, in order to satisfy each of our clients and agents.
  • Commitment: With our customers, by providing a high quality service, with society, to bring stability to the families of our staff, and to the environment, to respect and comply with all standards set by our Agency and care of this.